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Dec 2, 2013 6:30pm PST
called the u.s. economy still weak and vulnerable. he says technology and financial sector stocks seem most stretched. he still sees value in energy and health care, so far this year the broad-based s&p 500 index is up more than 26%. >>> well, jim paulson is not buying the bubble talk, saying there is still a lot of upside in the market, jim, nice to have you with us. so tell us why you're not expecting any bubble trouble after a nobel prize winning economist says that things are vulnerable. >> you know, susie, i think the primary thing that creates sort of a bubble economy and ultimately a recession is just simply too much confidence about the future. when all the players, consumers, businesses, policy officials, everybody gets really bullish about the future they start to engage in dumb behaviors, they stretch the balance sheets, hire too many people and buy that second summer home and that is the thing that ultimately has to be corrected. and i think that confidence is better today but we're still at confidence levels that are below average by a long-term historic norm, and i t
Dec 6, 2013 6:30pm PST
best and most current technology available and a hand some dividend trading 12 times earnings in a mid-sized company. >> your next stock make goes along with the international theme, tall international. that's tal ticker symbol. this stock almost doubled this past year. is there still upside? what's the attraction? >> we think so. the head quartered company with again, a really attractive dividend yield around 5%, over, once again trading 12 times forward earnings. the business of shipping will be good on the back of increased domestic and global trade and needless to say this will be a company we believe will fit neatly into that opportunity. >> let's go to pick number three and i have a couple questions, japan dxj, the wisdom tree hedged equity fund. i assume etf. why an etf in japan as opposed to picking a stock there and what does hedged mean in this particular case? >> tyler, importantly is the word edghedged and what is done with regard to this etf is they basically negotiated the currency exchange. so investors can get a pure play on the lift and japanese equity prices as op
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2